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Parties at Elite Gymnastics

Pick your Party Activity—Gymnastics, Ninja or Rock Climbing

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We offer Gymnastics, Ninja, or Rock Climbing Parties at Elite. Parties are 1½ hours long. The first half hour takes place in the party area, either in the art room or the balcony, depending on availability. We supply the tables and chairs, and you supply the paper products, food, drink, etc.
At the conclusion of the first half hour, the tables and area are cleared (light cleanup required). Presents are then brought to your car, and coats and shoes are brought downstairs for the second part of the party. You will not be able to return to the party area once your half hour is over. We cannot reverse the order of the parties.
The second part of the party is sixty minutes long and is directed by Elite's Staff. Please click on the link for details regarding the second half of the Gymnastics Party, the Ninja Party,and the Rock Climbing Party.

The cost of the party is $15 per child, with a minimum of 12 children.

You must book a party at the front desk by checking for availability, filling out a contract and leaving a $50 deposit. At the booking, you will also receive your invitations which include directions and waivers that must be presented at the party in order for the child to participate. We do not book parties over the phone, but we would be happy to let you know what is currently available when you call.  For days and times information, call us at 973 423-4040.

For more about birthday parties, read "How to Plan a Gymnastics, Rock Climbing, or Ninja-Themed Birthday Party" on NearSay.

Birthday Party Activities

Party Descriptions

Parties are available during the yearly in-season schedule—from September through June—and held on Saturday afternoons and after 6pm on certain weekdays. See schedule for Saturday party time options. For Summer Parties, please call 973 423-4040 or visit the front desk for date(s) and time(s).

Gymnastics Party (4 yrs. & up)

After the first half hour, the children relocate to the gym for one hour. Gymnastic parties allow children to take part in activities on our trampoline, tumble track, rope, rings and foam pit.

Ninja Party (6 yrs. & up)

After the first half hour, the children relocate to the gym for one hour. Ninja parties allow children to take part in gymnastics, martial arts, obstacle course training, and breakdancing activities.

Rock Climbing Party (6 yrs. & up)

After the first half hour, your group will relocate to the rock wall where participants will climb with our instructors for the remaining hour.