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Gymnastics at Elite

Weekly classes for Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Gymnastics & Advanced Gymnastics.
Plus, Competitive Pre-team and Team.

In our Main Gym, we offer boys or girls classes for children 4 years and up. Classes are structured so that the child will be introduced to new skills at progressively higher levels.

Drawing of girl on balance beamEach class takes advantage of our modern facilities with TumbleTrack, Air Track, Foam Pit and more.
Classes incorporate gymnastic apparatus, trampolines, and more. Activities at Elite help develop eye/hand coordination, perceptual motor skills, spatial awareness, directionality, and listening skills.

To find a class that's just right, see our gymnastics schedule below or call us at 973 423-4040 for help.

Gymnastics Classes for All Levels

Class Descriptions

Kinderkiddies (3 ½ - 4 ½ yrs.)

This is a transitional class. Parents may still participate, but only when needed. Children work on improving basic locomotor skills and are introduced to beginning gymnastic movements.

Pre-Kindergarten (4½ - 5 yrs.)

Our pre-K Gymnastics program is a structured 40-minute class that teaches basic gymnastic skills in tumbling, vaulting, balance beam, bars, rope, rings, mini trampoline, and trampoline.

Kindergarten (5-6 yrs.)

Our one-hour kindergarten program is structured as a continuation of our pre-K class introducing children to progrssively harder skills.

Beginner Classes (6 yrs. & up)

Formal classes consist of one hour personalized instruction beginning with proper warm up calisthenics. Groups are arranged based on age and/or ability, when possible, to enhance the learning process.

Advanced Classes (6 yrs. & up)

Elite offers special advanced classes for boys and girls who would like to develop more difficult skills without having to make a team commitment. Girls advanced classes meet for one and a half hours, boys advanced is once a week for one hour. Basic tumbling skills (i.e. cartwheel, and a handstand forward roll) must be developed before enrolling in this class.

Competition Teams (6 yrs. & up)

Students are encouraged to try out for Elite Gymnastic Teams. We participate in local as well as national JOGA & USAG Compulsory and Optional Meets.